John Denver

Just 13 hours now until I commence the first leg of my roughly 24 hour journey to the far east. The entire day I’ve had “Leaving on a Jet Plane” running through my head. I’m sure Mr. Denver would be proud. In case you were wondering, I’m taking off from the Fort Wayne airport at 6:40 am. Then I travel from Chicago to Seoul on a 13 hour flight between noon CT and¬†4 pm (Monday)¬†Korea time. South Korea is currently 13 hours AHEAD of us here in Indiana. I then take one last domestic flight to Busan and arrive at about 7 pm. Busan is only about an hour away from my home town Jinhae, so I’ll be picked up by someone from my recruiting office.

It should be quite the day! Despite my international travel experience, this will be the first time I have traveled anywhere alone…it’s kind of exciting! Your prayers are greatly appreciated and I look forward to posting my arrival/survival. Have a great day!


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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1 Response to John Denver

  1. Justin says:

    Hope all travel goes as planned!

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