Jet Lagged in Jinhae

Well, I made it! As I’m sure you are probably already aware, I arrive here in my new home, Jinhae, about 48 hours ago. It has been a little difficult connecting with people since I didn’t have internet in my apartment until literally one hour ago. But now that I have it, I can keep you up to date with my whereabouts!

My flights went pretty well. I had to change airports once I got to Seoul and only had two hours to get my luggage, find the airport train, buy a ticket, ride the 30 min train, find my new terminal, check-in, go through security, and get to my gate before my plane took off. Oh, did I mention that I was in South Korea too? Well, I made it to my flight with a healthy 13 minutes to spare! On the plane I sat next to a 12-year-old Korean boy named Ted. Ted and I talked for most of the 45 minute flight. I shared my yogurt covered pretzels with him and he shared with me some basic Korean words and phrases.

After I arrived in Busan, two girls from my recruiting agency picked me up and took me to my apartment. At this point I had been awake for about 27 hours. I slept on the floor for the first night because my apartment had not yet been furnished (still working on that currently). However, I was so tired, I could have been content on a bed of nails. The following day I spent resting and trying to recuperate. I took a small stroll around the neighborhood, unpacked a little, and waited for my directors to come. In between a very quick orientation, I went to the Korean supermarket and bought some necessities. Sometimes I felt like I was wearing a gorilla suit by the way people were looking at me. I suppose I’m pretty used to it by now after being in Africa a couple of times and China.

Today was my first day of teaching. I had 8 classes with only 2-7 students in each class. The day went pretty well. Toward the end of it I began to feel the effects of the jet lag returning. I expect about 2-3 more days and I should be pretty well-adjusted. As I get more into the groove of things I’ll better explain the school aspect of my stay here in Korea. I hope to begin putting up pictures very soon so check back in a few days for a little visual representation of what it’s like here!


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1 Response to Jet Lagged in Jinhae

  1. Jonny says:

    Sounds like a pretty exciting adventure just getting there. Looking forward to seeing pictures and such.

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