new foods, new sights, new friends!

After “getting into the groove” things have done just that! This last week I hardly had a moment to breathe. Honestly, just ask my mother how often I was available! (Sorry Mom, we’ll talk soon!) My 3rd week in Korea was filled with even more new experiences. It’s probably a safe bet to say that I’m still in the “honey moon” stage of my tenure and probably will remain here for a few more weeks. Anyway, let’s begin and break this thing down…

New Foods:
I’ve really been making an effort to be open to the different kinds of foods offered here. Already I’ve had plenty of instances to eat something and then ask the questions! (see pictures) However, I’m starting to discover what I do and don’t like- and that’s a good thing! For example; at several restaurants when you order your meal, you’re also brought out many side dishes. Most of these side dishes look quite mysterious, but sometimes the oddest looking things taste the best…well, sometimes. I have discovered that my favorite Korean food is called Sam Gipsal (sp?). Pretty much it’s pork that you cook on a grill usually built into the table. You then proceed to wrap the cooked meat in a piece of lettuce- adding onions, sauce, and other “condiments” as you wish! In the end it just looks like a really fancy Asian burrito! Also, I’ve discovered some really great foods to cook at home. I’m proud to report that I have more than tripled my extensive cooking experience in my 3 short weeks here!

New Sights:
This week I made a point to explore my surroundings. On Tuesday I took a bus to the other side of the city and walked along the coast. It was a gorgeous night and I just kept thinking of how blessed I was to be there. As I looked out over the water I kept thinking of God as this amazing painter…the landscape was just, perfect. I spent about 3 hours walking and taking in the sights of my new town. At one point I came upon an outdoor concert with several hundred Koreans clapping along to the synthesizer driven melody. So, I went over to the nearby convenience store, bought an ice cream cone, and stood amongst the crowd. It was in that moment that I had a whole new perspective on the phrase, “When in Rome…”! Later in the week I was fortunate enough to travel with 4 other friends to the nearby metropolis, Busan. Although we didn’t spend as much time in the city as I would have liked, it was good to experience traveling to another city. Did I mention we fit 5 of us plus the driver in 1 taxi?! On Sunday, my new friend from church, John, and I went to the top of one of the mountains surrounding Jinhae. I finally got a great view of the city!

New Friends:
On Wednesday I traveled north into downtown Changwon to play some soccer. It was a blast! We played by the light of the street lamps and department store signs in the middle of a gigantic grassy roundabout. There were probably twenty some guys out there and we played til’ about 11:30 pm. Later in the week, I hung out with several of the same individuals. In fact, one night we got these amazing burritos! I never thought I’d be eating Mexican in South Korea! I had a real answer to prayer when mid-week I received a text from my new friend, Stephen, who expressed his excitement in the realization that I too was a follower of Christ! Stephen and his just recently made fiance, Hannah, are truly a blessing from God. I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders in a sense. It’s just nice to know that there are others in my growing circle of friends that have the same heart for Jesus as I do. I’m looking forward to beginning a Bible/book study with Stephen this Tuesday.

I feel like there’s so much more I could write about but I understand how lengthy this post is already! Please check out my pictures and look for a video that I’ll put together this week that includes several video clips from this last week. In the meantime, please continue to pray in these areas:

~My fellow American teacher Kris has just recently broken his elbow. Please pray for his recovery/healing process.
~That I can continue to foster the relationships that I have created
~Patience in understanding God’s plan for my life
~My soon to be travel buddy, Jessi Grostefon, will be arriving in just about a month. Pray for her preparation in coming to Korea.
~Becca Prieb & Katie Heisey, will be traveling to several countries come this September; Follow them at

Again, thank you for so much for taking time out of your day to learn a little about mine! You all are amazing! Check back soon for the video!


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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