The 1st Month Rundown

I’ve officially been in South Korea for an entire month now! Things have already changed so much since when I first arrived. I’ve settled in quite nicely at my school. I teach students ranging from kindergarten to high school at all different levels of English speaking skills. I find that I really enjoy teaching the older more advance students as I can communicate with them more easily about topics outside of the confines of our workbooks. The little kids are fun to act goofy with, which I do all the time, but sometimes are more of a challenge when explaining an exercise or giving instructions.  My Co-workers are all really nice and I enjoy working with them and my bosses are pretty fair people.

 I’m still in the slow process of furnishing my apartment to make it feel more like home and I’m still on the lookout for a scooter. I have a new Korean friend that’s going to really help me find a good deal so I’m excited about that. I’ve gotten pretty good about buying my own groceries, doing my laundry, conserving energy, and just being an overall responsible adult. If I learn anything from this trip, it’s how to be a self-sufficient adult!

 This last weekend I traveled with 6 other friends to the island of Geojedo. We had a really nice time just relaxing in our pension and walking along the “beach”. I say it like that because the entire coast was lined with rocks and boulders. It didn’t make for very good swimming! Also, the weekend happened to be pretty dismal because of the cloudy skies and occasional down pour. Nevertheless, it was just nice to get away from the city and see some country. I took way too many pictures but like a true Hatfield, I needed to make sure I got just the right shot!

This week I’m looking forward to going to church next Sunday and also enjoying a time of fellowship with other believers in a bible study. Also, I’m meeting some new friends for lunch and possibly going fishing with my friend Stephen later this week. On Friday, a bunch of people are meeting at a city park just to play around on some instruments so that should be a lot of fun too! Coming up in September I have a few days off of school so me and some guys are planning a trip to Seoul and also the DMZ. Should be a real good time! (*crossing fingers that N. Korea won’t invade)

God has really blessed me in my time here. He’s provided in so many ways and I know that I couldn’t have done anything without Him. He’s been my strength, passion, and determination this whole time and I still look forward to the ways that He will use me while I’m here. I’ve been looking at this passage for a lot of heavenly inspiration…

“…live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bear fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his people in the kingdom of light.” Col. 1:10-12

Please continue to pray in these ways:

~Finding ways I can be Jesus to my friends, students, co-workers, and perfect strangers
~Direction for friends & family stateside who are looking for jobs
~My fellow American teacher Kris has just recently broken his elbow. Please pray for his recovery/healing process.
~That I can continue to foster the relationships that I have created
~Patience in understanding God’s plan for my life
~My soon to be travel buddy, Jessi Grostefon, will be arriving in just 3 weeks! Pray for her preparation in coming to Korea.
~Becca Prieb & Katie Heisey, will be traveling to several countries begginingSeptember 5th; Follow them at

Thanks for checkin up on me! Remember if you ever have any questions, shoot me an email at Check back again soon for a video from this weekend! May God bless you!!


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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