“Fall has fell…”

It’s been two weeks since my last update, but laziness is not the culprit of my delay! On the contrary, with the falling temperature has also arrived the decline of my own free time. My schedule has become jam-packed with day-to-day adventures that will only increase in the weeks to come. But before I go ranting and raving about my past couple weeks here in the “Land of the Morning Calm”, I will first indulge you in a little tale that I will title…

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Yesterday, my friend Kyle and I traveled to the city of Daegu to play in a soccer match. Once arriving at the bus station in Daegu, we attempted to contact a taxi by phone that was supposed to come pick us up. It didn’t happen. So we got in another taxi and attempted to explain where we needed to go…didn’t happen. So I called my always reliable Korean friend Minnie to play translator for us. It worked and we were on our way…but then I got a call from the coach who insisted we recall the number he had given us for this “special” taxi. So we confused the taxi driver more, got out of the taxi, and phoned the taxi again. This time someone speaking English answered and 15 minutes later we were on our way in another taxi! We arrived at the US military base where the game was to be played, lost the game 4-3, at some amazing Burger King, and were ready to make our journey home. This is where the story gets good…

The coach of the team, Peter, offered to take Kyle and I to the train station in town. He dropped us off at what he believed to be the station but turned out to just be tracks. So, Kyle and I got in a taxi who then took us to the actual station. We got out tickets for Changwon (where our journey started that morning) and hopped on the first train. So far so good. We then had to transfer to another train, so we went to what we believed to be the correct platform, got on what we believed to be the correct train, and were finally on our way home. At this point Kyle and I were both feeling very sleepy from the day but unfortunately the train was full so we had to sit in the stairwell of one of the train doors for an hour and a half. As our time of arrival marked on our ticket grew closer, I began to get nervous. I was beginning to ask myself questions like, “Did we get on the right train?” The answer came shortly after when we arrived in Busan. (Busan is about an hour east of Changwon) So, through our frustration and my growing headache, we got off the train and went out to find the bus station. Upon realizing it was 15 subway stops away, we decided to take a taxi. The taxi driver ended up driving us way out-of-the-way, wasting yet more time and coincidentally more of our money. When we finally arrived at the bus terminal we had the pleasure of discovering that we were 3 minutes late in catching the final bus to Changwon. So, left with no other option we had to travel to Masan, a city just west of Changwon. We finally reached Masan at around 10:45 pm and at this point my head is pounding. My friend Minnie graciously came to the rescue and retrieved me in Masan to take me back to my scooter at the Changwon bus terminal. To cap off my series of expense unfortunate events, I drove home back to Jinhae in the frigid night air enjoying the occasional bump from the road and feeling all the more sick to my stomach. Good times, all around.

Fortunately the rest of my weekend went splendid. Church Sunday was fantastic and I was able to spend some quality time with several people from church as well as other friends from Changwon throughout the day. One of my favorite parts was visiting Yongji Lake with Kristin and Jessi. It was a gorgeous day and the lake was surrounded by trees turned red, orange, and yellow. The weeks prior to this last weekend have been fairly tame. We had a Halloween party at work and some of the kids dressed up. My friends and I also enjoyed some of our own Halloween festivities! Last weekend was capped off with an energetic festival in Changwon that included a fantastic parade.

In 2 weeks I will be taking on another job at a kindergarten. I will be teaching 5-7 year olds at a well-established school that seems like a great fit for me! The boss seems to be a trustworthy woman who has already began setting up a playdate for her middle school son and I! This new position means I’ll be working an additional hour and a half every morning and two and a half on Wednesday. Hence, my free time will be even more congested and I’ll be working more hours. Also, the next few weekends have already been planned out for me. Most include some form of travel around Korea while the weather is still decent here. So, as you can see, a lot is happening right now! But I can certainly feel God’s presence through it all!

Please continue to pray in these areas:

~Friends in the States are still seeking employment. Pray that God provides for those needs.
~Endurance and encouragement in the weeks to come when I’ll be working additional hours.
~I need to be intentional in sharing Christ with others.
~My scooter has been fixed! Praise Jesus!
~Finding ways I can be Jesus to my friends, students, co-workers, and perfect strangers
~Patience in understanding God’s plan for my life


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We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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  1. Alyssa Barnes says:

    wow that sounds like a frustrating trip home!!

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