South Korea’s Under Attack?!?!

OK, so many of you have heard about the recent bombings in SoKo. And many of you have been sending me messages and comments asking if I’m alright and safe, which is very thoughtful. To answer all your wanderings, my life in no way has changed since the attack by our neighbors to the North…things are exactly the same! While I’ve begun digging my very own bomb shelter beneath the floorboards of my one-room apartment, right now there is nothing to fear. Well…except maybe a full-scale war that could escalate into a world nuclear weapons showdown. But, that his highly unlikely at this point. I’ll try to update people on what’s going on, but most Koreans around me are not making too big of a deal about it. So, please rest assured that my hazmat suit is pressed and clean ready for action and that I am for the time being completely well-nourished and healthy!

In other news, I am completely busy these days. I enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Seoul with a few friends but this week has certainly been a grind. A few issues at work have made the week seem to drag and I have began working at my 2nd job in the mornings. I suppose I will get used to this new schedule pretty soon. I guess right now just pray that #1 We don’t go to war #2 I can have enough energy to teach all day #3 That despite these new responsibilities, I can still maintain my intimacy with the Lord

A little more on my Seoul trip: We walked around a lot. We visited some of the biggest markets in all of Korea. They were really crowded and full of the same thing stall after stall. We ate Mexican food (including Taco Bell) on 3 separate occasions! I bought plenty of touristy nic-nacs. We stopped by a sweet palace. I met up with fellow Fort Wayne native, Dustin Karns. Didn’t get home til’ 3 a.m. Monday morning. Overall, it was a pretty good trip and I was for the experience!

I should also note that today is in fact Thanksgiving! Woohoo! I enjoyed explaining the traditions of T-day to several of my classes and found the best way to describe was in these 5 points: (1) We eat (2) We say what we’re thankful for (3) We watch football (4) We play cards (5) We eat again. I also mentioned that several of these points coincided with one another. And don’t worry, I was sure to give them a brief history lesson on American Thanksgiving as well as our following holiday, Black Friday. The students gasped when I mentioned that people have actually lost their lives due to freak trampling accidents on “BF”. For dinner, some friends and I decided to mimic a turkey dinner the best we could so we enjoyed some Sam Gye Tang (chicken & noodles). It was a solid meal and I just enjoyed being with some friends on such an important family holiday back home. This was the first Thanksgiving that I’ve ever missed with my family…I mostly just miss the Euchre. (Just kidding Mom!)


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  1. Hey Rico, really glad to hear you are alright! I’ll keep you in my prayers! Enjoy Korea and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

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