Marching On

This time last week I was scooting around Korea with my mom. It’s always interesting how things can just sink right back to normal after they are so different for a week. I mean, I saw mom off Sunday morning and literally just as she had gone, I was back to my routine of life here in Changwon. Having mom here was a nice breath of fresh air (American air I might add). We had a great time just spending to QT together. I took her around on Pearl as we visited my closest friends, checked out points of interest, or just hung out. The best part wasn’t what we did or saw, but it was just having the opportunity to spend time with my mom. Living in Korea you don’t have any family. So we have to really rely on each other, our friends, to be our family for us. I’m glad mom came and I’m really glad that things went as smooth as they did.

The last couple of weeks me and some of the boys have been playing a little soccer with some local boys we happened upon. While its been fun to kick around with middle schoolers, I’m really hoping that God can use us in this opportunity to share Jesus with them. If they are like many other students their age, they probably know little to nothing about Christ and His love for them. It’s my hope that through patience and time God will open doors. Please keep this small ministry in your prayers as we just try to seek the kingdom first.

In other news
-The tsunami and earthquake had no effect on South Korea. Not even as much as a little rain hit us! So thank you to everyone who prayed and had me and Korea in your thoughts!
-I signed up for another half marathon on April 10th. My friends Soowang, Kris, and Jacob have also registered so it should be pretty fun…I think.
-I’ve been feeling a little sick as of late. It’s probably due to the change in the seasons but it would be nice to be better soon!
– I’m coming home! I made the decision to come back to America from June 17-June 25. I have two weddings that I’ll be in and possibly some job interviews.
-April 2nd (my birthday) I have another foreigner soccer match here in Changwon.
-Purdue is going to the final 4.

Please pray in these ways:
~PRAISES: My friend Jared was offered a job in Fort Wayne!; Becca and Katie were offered nursing positions in Virginia!; Mom’s first overseas experience was good and there were no major problems!; My sister, Alyssa, and her husband have bought a house. The Lord hath provided!
~Pray for my careful job search for next year and that I am seeking after the Lord’s will
~I’m anxious about what will happen with my current job when my boss finds out I need 6 work days off in June. Please pray the Lord’s will to be done and my peace for whatever that is.
~Discernment, wisdom, and patience for God’s will
~Friends in the States are still seeking employment. Pray that God provides for those needs.
~Finding ways I can be Jesus to my friends, students, co-workers, and perfect strangers


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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