Looking for Answers

Prayer, petition, and patience have become themes of mine in the last few months here in Korea. While I look down the road that winds toward the end of my stay here, I wonder where it is God will lead me next. I continually ask the Lord to provide for me in these ways…
1.) That I would seek first His will.
2.) That I would be diligent and take the initiative to seek out new opportunities.
3.) That doors would be opened and closed in accordance with what He desires.
4.) That I would be able to exercise Christ-like patience and obedience in wake of things I don’t always understand.
5.) That wherever I go, I will be able to glorify Him.

One door was closed this week. While I am thankful for the time off in June to go home for 8 days, I have been required to stay nearly 3 weeks past my contract agreement. There are many things that I could list off as to why this may be unfair but for whatever reason, I am staying in Korea at least 3 weeks longer than I had planned. On the surface, this seems like a big problem. After all, I was and still am attempting to find a teaching position in the States and coming back on August 26th puts me at a significant disadvantage. Still, I know that God is in control of this situation and that if He wants me teaching in America this fall, He will make it happen.

I’m also continuing to pray for other options that have been presented to me recently. A return to Africa, a visit to the Philippines, and possible inner city youth opportunities are all now being considered as viable alternatives. Again, with all of these differing choices I am praying, petitioning, and patiently trusting in the Lord.

In other news!
Life in Korea has been good. To everyone who tells me regularly that they are praying for me here, “Thank you!” As the summer quickly approaches, my mental calendar is becoming chock full of fun trips and activities yet to be done. A trip to Seoul, beach trips, making a movie, and overnight hikes are all materializing as I type. My school is also wrapping up our spring session which means all the tests, evaluations, and recommendations for students have to be finished. Fortunately, I am ahead of schedule with everything and am now coasting!

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday and I’m trying to invite several of my friends. It’s my hope that some might come with me this Sunday and that the Lord would speak to their hearts. I love my friends and my biggest heart’s desire is that they might come to know Jesus in a personal way.

Be sure to check out some of the pictures my home town Jinhae’s “world-famous” Cherry Blossom festival! I had a great time swerving through the traffic on Pearl (my scooter) because of how many people were trying to get in and out of my city! My half marathon with Jacob and Kris was a great success! I improved on my time since last October in my last half. Also, I got to experience my first Korean professional soccer game. It was pretty entertaining despite the 2-1 defeat. In the next few days be on the look out for my latest video update. It’s packed with tons of video footage from the last 3 months!

Thanks to everyone who continues to keep me in prayer. Please consider these requests in your prayers…
~Pray that this Easter brings about a change in people’s hearts
~My friend Bryan is applying for a job at East Noble HS. It’s my hope that this is the right place for him!
~My friend Pat is continuing his education at Kansas U.!
~Pray for my careful job search for next year and that I am seeking after the Lord’s will
~Discernment, wisdom, and patience for God’s will
~Friends in the States are still seeking employment. Pray that God provides for those needs.
~Finding ways I can be Jesus to my friends, students, co-workers, and perfect strangers


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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