A Day for Children, Parents, and Buddha

It’s been a wild week here in Korea. With 3 back-to-back holidays, my apartment has remained for the most part vacant and my nose and neckline sun-kissed. This month so far I’ve already appeared in a Korean movie, visited an amusement park, and haven’t wrecked my scooter once! When you don’t get many vacation days you really have to take advantage of them when they come. So, the morning of Children’s day (5/5) I went on a hike with my friend Jacob. We had a great view from up top and even played a little target practice with our air soft pistols. We were getting short on time, so we had to dodge several jaw-dropped Koreans on our record-setting 20 minute descent! After pumping a little iron and cleaning up at a Korean Jimjalbang (bath house) I met up with some folks from church for lunch. We enjoyed some delicious Indian and later walked around the park where it seemed like every child in Changwon was playing with their parents.

Saturday morning 6 of my friends and I took a bus up to Seoul for the World DJ Festival. We made our now routine lunch stop at Taco Bell and did a little shopping before hopping on the hour and a half subway ride that would take us to the festival. We really saw God’s provision when we arrived. I had been really worried about finding a place to stay the night because we had no prior arrangements, but God provided a really great place not too far away. He then helped us out again when we had no way of getting to the concert. A man ended up driving us in his truck from the gas station we were stranded at to the concert! The festival was a blast and everyone had a really great time. It featured DJ’s from around the world on 4 large stages. Thousands of Koreans and foreigners showed up to listen to the techno beats and dance the night away. This will certainly be one of my favorite memories from my time here in Korea. The next day we met up with my friend Cheon Woo in Seoul and visited the largest palace in Korea. It was such a beautiful day and the palace grounds were exquisite. This was also Parent’s Day (5/8) in Korea so we saw several moms and dads walking around with carnations pinned to their shirts.

Back in Changwon, I worked a normal day on Monday but then had another holiday off on Tuesday for Buddha’s birthday (5/10). While I’m thankful for the vacation, I can’t rejoice in knowing that it comes at the cost of millions being deceived by a religious figure. It pained my heart to see hundreds of cars parked alongside of Buddhist temples and people trekking up the road toward the festivities. I spent the day with several church friends for a little kickball action in the park. The rain held off just enough for us to play a really fun game with our sister English service church Hanbit. It was such a blessing to fellowship with other Christians in our city and our presence attracted onlookers in the park. It was cool to talk to Koreans who were just passing by and tell them who we were and what we were all about!

With the holidays, the last few weeks have flown by and this week is even abbreviated! It’s hard to believe that in just over a month I’ll be flying home to see my best friend and cousin get married! God continues to provide for me strength, hope, and guidance in my time here and I continually thank Him for his daily provision. I’m still seeking after His wisdom for the months following my time here in Korea and I know that He will light my path wherever that may be.

Thanks to everyone who continues to keep me in prayer. Please consider these requests in your prayers…
~That people would turn from vengeful attitudes in wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death
~My friend Bryan is interviewing for a job at East Noble HS. It’s my hope that this is the right place for him!
~Pray for my careful job search for next year and that I am seeking after the Lord’s will
~Discernment, wisdom, and patience for God’s will
~Friends in the States are still seeking employment. Pray that God provides for those needs.
~Finding ways I can be Jesus to my friends, students, co-workers, and perfect strangers


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We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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