Thailand Part 1

It’s now been about 6 days since I arrived in Thailand. My first few days were spent helping a Christian couple Jessica and Pooey at there bilingual school. The kids and I passed the time playing games, singing songs, and reading. Each evening was a little different. The first night we visited a fish/meat market which was bustling with activity. It was cool to see every one doing there different jobs in a massive organized chaos. The following night we had church at the Ang Sila church where I was staying. It was a unique experience as it was totally in Thai but I really enjoyed being there. Most of the musicians in the worship band were the older boys living at the orphanage. I helped to run Sunday school and I used some of my past YMCA knowledge to teach them a couple of new games and a song. (video to come) After church we had dinner and went to a night market. There were tons of vendors selling everything from clothes to food.

The next day after helping out at the school, I went with Jessica and Pooey’s family to an open zoo. It was pretty amazing. Open zoo is exactly what it sounds like. We could walk right up to the animals and feed and pet them. That evening we went to an international church service which was really nice as well. On Monday, my last day in Ang Sila, I met with local missionary Ricky Sanchez for lunch and he filled me in on a lot of the local information about what they were doing in their ministry. Everything he said was awesome. The work and vision that they’ve had is truly God’s work and I was really happy to hear his account first-hand. After lunch I went to the orphanage that he had helped start and hung out with all the kids there for the rest of the day. The best part was when some of the older boys and I were just sitting around strumming the guitar until one of them started playing a worship song. As we all sang along I could see on their faces how genuine they were in their worship. These boys have been outcasted by their society, their parents, all the while caring around the deadly disease of HIV yet they love Jesus wholly and truly. It was humbling to spend time at the orphanage.

Yesterday evening I arrived in Battambang, Cambodia where I’m staying at the local YWAM base. They’ve been very hospitable thus far and I’ve enjoyed getting to know several of the members on the current team of Americans living here. Tomorrow morning I’ll head east to Siem Reap, a popular tourist destination in Cambodia where the famous temple Angkor Wat is located. I’ll be spending my days with Rady Rure and his family. Rady runs a school in an improverished neighborhood where I’ll be volunteering for a day or two while I’m there.

On this trip God has been revealing a lot to me. I’ve been trying to listen to His voice and leading and keep an open line of communication with Him the best that I can. He is so good and I know that this trip would have never been possible outside of His provision. As I travel I appreciate your prayers for my knee/ankle which have slowly been recovering from an injury I received over a week ago. Also, if you could keep me in mind as I travel from place to place that I would remain safe and not taken advantage of in any way. That said, so far so good! Thanks for your prayers!

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