Thank God It’s Thursday! Tomorrow marks the beginning to our first weekend (Friday/Saturday) here in Cairo. Confused? Well, since the Muslim holy day is Friday and most Arabs are Muslim and Egypt is an Arab nation, it sort of makes sense over here!

Life has been a little crazy here since we first touched down 4 days ago. We’ve been learning our way around town, trying to make friends, and sometimes even attempt to try out our few Arabic words on some natives. Since arriving, I (Becca) have found a job! I’ll be teaching at a school close to where we live, and will teach 7-11th grade science! It’s a big change coming from a nursing career, but it’s actually been really great getting plugged in right away and making some new friends right off the bat. I’ll definitely need to brush up on my chemistry a bit! But thankfully I’ve got a teacher for a husband that can write my help me with my lesson plans. 😉

Caleb has been lucky to have this first week off that we’ve been here, and has gotten to go around town a bit while I’ve been at work. He is definitely getting to know his way around! Last night we were able to go on a Nile dinner cruise with all of the new teachers from Caleb’s school. It was a great chance to get to know some more people and also have a unique Egyptian experience on a pretty incredible river!

Our apartment so far has been super comfortable and we’ve really liked living here. Caleb and I both agreed we probably have a nicer place here than we have ever had or will have in the States! We were lucky to get an apartment that had more western-style furniture (Egyptian furniture can be pretty gaudy!). Our landlord has also been SUPER helpful! The night we arrived she met us at our door with a plate of fresh fruit and a bag of groceries to tie us over until we could go shopping. She actually works at the same school that I just got a job at, so I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a ride to and from work with her!

All in all, we’re really liking Egypt so far. It’s definitely different, and there are a lot of new things to get used to, but we can see the potential here for amazing friendships, fun adventures, and experiencing who God is in a meaningful, new way.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers! We appreciate all of you taking the time to read this, and know that we miss you all very much!


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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6 Responses to T.G.I…T.??

  1. Charlene says:

    Glad y’all are getting settled!

  2. Jennie Thollander says:

    These adventures are sounding amazing!

  3. Robin says:

    Jeez, Cairo – the insanity of it all. I’m not sure I even want to read your posts and remember. ^^ A couple of my favorite things, besides all the obvious ancient Egypt stuff (Pyramids! Luxur! Dendura Temple!). Faluka Nile cruises apparently done, go to the old traditional market in central city, khan al khalili; it’s really cool to wander about – one side is way more traditional, so push past the first street or so of tourist stalls. Second, take time for a whirling dervish show. Oh! And climb up Mt Sinai on a camel to see the dawn – most spiritual place I’ve ever been. And don’t die in a taxi – looks like your in Ma’adi, so probably safer, but if I were to vote places in my life most likely to have killed me, it would be in Egypt, in a taxi. Or crossing the street (as one man put it: close your eyes, send a prayer to allah, and then roll the dice). Best wishes. Ahlan wa sahlan.

  4. Becca + Caleb You LOOOvE it! i will havE the best time hugging You next time.

  5. kiah young says:

    Can you post a video of us on the bowling trip singing please PS I am glad that you are getting doing good

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