Four Things that Make Cairo a Unique Place

We’re a whopping 2 weeks in here in Cairo, Egypt! Life has been a whirlwind since we arrived and we are learning more and more about the differences between our American home lives and our new lives here in a city of over 20 million people. Below I’ve written out just a few of our not so subtle observations so far…

  1. Traffic. Lines…what lines?! Yes, many roads here have road markings such as lines and stop signs, but does any one follow them? No. Cairo traffic is unlike any other. It’s a free-for-all race for position and it is not for the faint at heart. Most cars show signs of the “Cairo Kiss” from being nicked and scratched in their daily commutes. However, as time goes on, your white knuckle grip on the door handle begins to loosen up and you actually begin to see a sliver of method to the madness. It’s just how things are done here.
  2. Frogger. Of course, along with the horrible traffic comes the adventure of crossing the street. There are no pedestrian walkways or flashing lights to parade you across an 8 lane highway…you just go for it when you buck up enough courage to weave between speeding cars and scooters. Just like frogger, you maneuver one lane at a time taking space when it’s there and being swift on your feet!
  3. Nightlife. In a part of the world that reaches 100+ degrees on any given day, it’s no wonder that the masses would crawl outside once the sun has gone down. Each night feels like the weekend, as if no one has work or school the next day. Children and their parents stroll the streets well after midnight each evening while vendors line the streets selling food, coffee, and other goods.
  4. Service. Want to have your groceries delivered right to your door step? No problem. Someone to iron your shirts and bring them back the next day? Consider it done. Got a case of the midnight munchies and don’t want to leave your apartment? Hundreds of restaurants are ready to take your order! Cairo is all about serving its residents in just about any way you could think of. While services like this might cost a pretty penny in the States, most delivery services charge anywhere from $1-2 including tip. Now that’s a deal!

There are many more, but we’ll leave it at that for now. Becca is a whole week into teaching her high school science classes now and Caleb has his open house tomorrow! Thanks for reading and as always, we love you guys!!



About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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3 Responses to Four Things that Make Cairo a Unique Place

  1. Alyssa says:

    wow! that’s amazing about the traffic! and i’d eat out every meal if it was that cheap! Glad to hear you’re settling in!

  2. Jennie Thollander says:

    looks awesome! are ya’ll gonna drive there at all? that sounds terrifying

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