A Week in Greece

As Becca and I approach the 2 month mark on our time here in Egypt, we celebrated the only way any one would by going to Greece for a week! It still amazes us that we’re on this adventure together in this home away from home. As we sat on our flight headed towards Athens, I remember distinctly looking at Becca and saying, “I can’t believe we’re going to Greece.” We are so blessed and we don’t take that for granted.

It was my school’s fall break as a result of the Islamic holiday, Eid. The trip began with the arrival of fellow traveler in crime, Gregory Heathco. Greg and I were good friends during our time in Korea and since he also had the same break living in Saudi Arabia, he decided to join us for our little Mediterranean adventure. Our first stop was Athens where we stayed for three nights at an Air BnB near downtown. We spent our days sightseeing the more famous Ancient Greek sites as well as perusing the local shopping markets. We especially enjoyed visiting Mars Hill, where Paul gave the sermon that we read in Acts 17. We did not hesitate to try out the local cuisine, making frequent stops at the many tavernas scattered throughout the city. We tried everything from Souvlaki to Gyros and consumed more bread and olive oil than we care to admit!

On top of Mars Hills looking out toward the Acropolis.

On top of Mars Hills looking out toward the Acropolis.

Jumping for joy at the Parthenon.

Jumping for joy at the Parthenon.

After a few days in Athens we headed west to the quieter seaside town of Nafplio. The much less crowded neighborhood was the perfect place for strolling between uniquely painted buildings, decorated with hanging flowers and ornate looking shudders. We spent some time at a fortress built out on an island as well as did a morning hike to a castle atop a large hill that once protected the peninsula from foreign invaders. Everything about Nafplio was lovely and we appreciated the much slower pace of life there for a couple days.

Beautiful Nafplio from high up on top the castle.

Beautiful Nafplio from high up on top the castle.

The Bourtzi fortress of Nafplio.

The Bourtzi fortress of Nafplio.

We headed back to Athens for a flight the next morning to the island of Santorini. Upon arriving at the popular island, we spent time in Thira, a city etched on the side of dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea. The evenings sunset was the perfect end to our first day there. The next day, Becca and I set out on a boat cruise of 3 small neighboring islands. We hiked to the top of a volcano, swam in a hot springs, and ate lunch at a seaside cafe. That evening we met up with Greg in Oia where we walked about local shops and snapped pictures of Santorini’s postcard esque white buildings. Our last day in Greece, we rented ATVs and drove around the island. We stopped at a winery with a striking view, drank colas on Red Beach, ate sandwiches at a beachside restaurant, and drove through tight alleys up the side of the mountain. All in all, it was one of our favorite days!

Posing with our awesome ATVs.

Posing with our awesome ATVs.

The seaside town of Thira, Santorini.

The seaside town of Thira, Santorini.

Greece was such a treat. The country was so green and clean that we almost didn’t want to come back to Cairo! Becca began working as a 2nd grade teacher at my school and I finally found a good running route near our apartment. We are looking forward to experiencing some more local attractions and getting deeper in our relationships with those around us. As always, thanks for reading and for all your prayers. We get homesick, it’s normal, but your thoughts are encouraging and we appreciate your love and support. Til next time!

We love Greece!!

We love Greece!!



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We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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7 Responses to A Week in Greece

  1. David V. says:

    Nice! Glad you guys are having such an amazing time. You’re making memories that will last a lifetime and I am sure God is using you to bless the lives of others around you & vice versa.

    You are a couple of world-class people and we are glad to have met you both.
    God bless you on the rest of your daily adventures in Christ!

  2. Jennie Thollander says:

    i want to go to there.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Great to hear you had such a wonderful time in Greece and to see your fun days! And, not to forget, your prictures are awesome! It’s cool to get part of your trip through reading about it 🙂

  4. Nancy Koop says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Greece with us. Did you see a lot of rocks there? I saw lots and lots of very old rocks called ruins.Love you both. Adventure on!

  5. Tosya Kugler says:

    Greece has been on my bucket list for a while absolutely beautiful.
    Glad you all had a wonderful time, love to get these little snippets. Love and miss you both.

  6. Kiah young says:

    It’s GREAT ! That you gise are having fun miss you a lot

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