Is it Christmas already?!

Hey guys!

Another month is in the books for us here in Cairo and so far this year has been anything but slow! Each of our first 3 months have been highlighted by visitors from back home and the many treats and goodies they bring along.

Indiana represent. Felucca riding with visitors Ryan and Jon

Indiana represent. Felucca riding with visitors Ryan and Jon

We love to share our home and way of life with the many friends who’ve made the trek to Egypt and always enjoy getting to show off this unique country we live in. We’ve been encouraged by our visitors and the way the leave us with a whole new positive perspective on this region of the world. A perspective that impacts not only them but also influences their friends and families back home through the sharing of their experiences.

Our felucca pilot

Our felucca pilot

Living in a part of the world that is heavily influenced by Islam and the influx of refugees, it has been challenging to follow along with the negative media we’ve seen surfacing back in the states. Living in this country, our opinion on such matters has been significantly impacted and while we are not experts on such issues, we feel that our point of view gives us a perspective that is lacking amongst many Americans. We feel especially discontent with how many Christians, and so called Christian leaders, have been manipulating the Bible to suit their agenda. Islamaphobia and anti-refugee movements weigh heavily on us and we pray for wisdom and clarity from those who seek to know truth.

snorkel time

We’re thankful for our connectedness to friends and family back home. The internet is such a gift that, despite the many miles between us, it allows us to remain a part of others lives. It also makes us miss “home”. Especially during this holiday season, we long to be surrounded by our families and enjoying this festive time of the year. But, we do what we can to get in the Christmas spirit here. An artificial tree stands proudly in our living room and we take every opportunity to play our favorite Christmas songs while at home.

Barcelona with Matt and Layla...and Christopher

Barcelona with Matt and Layla…and Christopher

However, the Christmas mood won’t last long. Next week, we are traveling to Namibia and South Africa for our winter break. We will be spending the holidays first safariing around the raw Namibian landscape and then cruising along the coast of Western Cape. We look forward to this adventuresome trip with our friends Matt and Layla and reporting back to you with all that we see along the way!

A picture following our ATV adventure through the mountains.

A picture following our ATV adventure through the mountains.

Lastly, we have some exciting news to share with everyone. We’ve decided to stay in Egypt another year longer! This decision comes after many months of discernment and prayer. While the idea of leaving Egypt was certainly on the table, we didn’t feel at peace with going anywhere else. Additionally, we both felt like the work that we’re doing here just won’t be yet complete after just 2 years. So, the Hatfields will continue their African adventure until at least June 2017. We miss everyone and look forward to seeing you all again soon! Merry Christmas!!


We hope you enjoy there pictures from the last few months here in Egypt…



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We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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