Year 3 in Egypt!

It’s hard to believe that we are already in our third year of living in Cairo, Egypt! It seems like just yesterday my parents were dropping Becca and I off at Fort Wayne International Airport for our move abroad. When we left, we had a two year commitment, but made the decision halfway through our second year to extend an additional year. It’s a decision we’ll have to make yet again come this December! While many things are the same entering this year, there are a few changes that have taken place. Here’s what has and hasn’t changed:

1 SAME – Our Apartment

We are happy to continue our residence in the neighborhood of Cairo referred to as Heliopolis. This is especially wonderful since neither of us have lived in the same place 2 years in a row since college! We feel a certain endearment to this part of town and have loved the relationships we’ve been able to form with our neighbors near us.

2 DIFFERENT – Caleb’s Job

While Caleb is continuing to teach at the American International School in Egypt (AIS), he is no longer in the 5th grade. Instead, he is teaching at the middle school level for the first time! He’ll be challenged by his new 8th grade students and covering science throughout the year.


Heliopolis Community Church, or HCC, has been an important part of our time in Cairo. Services take place on Friday mornings and we are often helping out with music. Becca continues her role as the worship coordinator for the church.

4 DIFFERENT – Becca’s Workload

Becca is continuing her work organizing medical trips to Cairo, except, she’ll be taking on a bit more of a leadership role. Her “boss” will be gone for about 4 months and therefore Becca will absorb some of his responsibilities.

5 SAME – Arabic

We continue to try and learn Arabic each week in our lessons. It’s a tough language and at times we feel as if we aren’t making any progress. However, we recognize the importance language study has on building relationships and connectedness to our community here. We will persevere!

6 DIFFERENT – Friends

Over the last 6 months, we’ve had to say many farewells to close friends living here in Cairo. Unfortunately, this is just part of living abroad, as the revolving door of individuals coming and going continues to spin. We are looking forward to getting to know the new faces that have arrived over the summer!

We are looking forward to this year and the many exciting adventures and challenges that lie ahead. As always, don’t be a stranger! We love to hear from you and what’s happening in your part of the world, wherever that is. 🙂


Enjoying some sunshine this summer in Vancouver!

Enjoying some sunshine this summer in Vancouver!


About Caleb and Becca

We are married. We are in Egypt. We have a son.
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