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Video Update: Greece

Greece…what a beautiful place. Enjoy our week long vacation crammed into about 3 minutes. Our trip took us to Athens, Nafplio, and Santorini. What you don’t see in this video is the 100 loaves of bread we consumed. What you … Continue reading

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Video Update: Before We Left America

Here’s a little montage of events that led up to our American departure back in August. Just a glimpse into our adventures from the east to the west coast of good ole USA! -C

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You Mean You’ve Been in Egypt a Month and Haven’t Seen the Pyramids Yet?

Hello friends and family! Time has FLOWN since we’ve arrived! We can’t believe we’ve been here over a month already. Last we had the opportunity to visit a tourist spot here in Egypt, Ain Sukhna (pronounced eye’n-soak-na), located at the north … Continue reading

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Thailand Part 2

The second half of my trip through Thailand led me to opposite sides of the nation. I first headed north to the foreigner friendly Chiang Mai. Probably my favorite place of my entire trip, Chiang Mai was old and new, … Continue reading

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Video Update: Spring in Korea

Clips from the last few months here in Korea. Included is Seoul, Jinhae Cherry Clossom Festival, kindergarten, Becca’s visit, trampolines, pretty parks, Mom’s visit, food, Korean basketball/soccer, parades, karaoke, and so much more! Enjoy!

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Kaleb’s Kwick Korea Update~

The last couple of weeks have been busier than ever but certainly a lot of fun! I’ve really enjoyed watching Korea turn all sorts of red, orange, and yellow as the air gets crisper and cooler. God has been throwing … Continue reading

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Fall Video Update

This is a pretty simple video I threw together using several clips of video I’ve recorded over the last couple of months. Forgive me of the video quality, I recently got a new camera and was still messing around with … Continue reading

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Geojedo Island

A weekend away at Geojedo Island. Watch this short video for some motion picture highlights of the beautiful island! I couldn’t get the video to embed, so go HERE to watch it on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=527302949125&saved

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The 1st Month Rundown

I’ve officially been in South Korea for an entire month now! Things have already changed so much since when I first arrived. I’ve settled in quite nicely at my school. I teach students ranging from kindergarten to high school at … Continue reading

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A Walk Around the Town

More video coverage of my town and some other cool stuff along the way! Through the editing of this video, I’ve realized that I say “check it out” way to much. Oh well, check it out for yourself!

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