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Egypt’s Best Kept Secret?

Waking up at 6:15 am isn’t the¬†easiest thing to do when it’s your day to sleep in, but it’s certainly worth it if you’re heading to the desert for the weekend. We met up with our friends outside the local … Continue reading

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Sand One Week, Snow the Next

Amidst the ever approaching holidays and all the seasonal frivolity¬†that comes with that, we’ve managed to keep our heads above water, barely. We’ve really packed a lot into the last few weeks and are looking forward to 3 weeks off … Continue reading

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Thailand Part 1

It’s now been about 6 days since I arrived in Thailand. My first few days were spent helping a Christian couple Jessica and Pooey at there bilingual school. The kids and I passed the time playing games, singing songs, and … Continue reading

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My Last Day!!! (Video Update!)

404 days later, today is my last day of employment at Ewha American Language School. While I’d like to say that I’m sad to be done here, I can’t help but admit that I am relieved. I feel like I’ve … Continue reading

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Video! driving through Jinhae

I already put this up on Facebook a few days back but here it is on my blog just in case you missed it! a drive through Jinhae from Caleb Hatfield on Vimeo. A quick and short video of driving … Continue reading

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Video Update: Spring in Korea

Clips from the last few months here in Korea. Included is Seoul, Jinhae Cherry Clossom Festival, kindergarten, Becca’s visit, trampolines, pretty parks, Mom’s visit, food, Korean basketball/soccer, parades, karaoke, and so much more! Enjoy!

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Caleb & Stephen’s Day in the Park

Reporting to you live from Jinhae, South Korea, I’m Caleb Hatfield with your Korean news.

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A Walk Around the Town

More video coverage of my town and some other cool stuff along the way! Through the editing of this video, I’ve realized that I say “check it out” way to much. Oh well, check it out for yourself!

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